Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Lapeer, MI

5 Feb

February 5, 2012 9:30am Mass

Today I visited Immaculate Conception up in Lapeer, MI.  This is a cute town, have some friends who live here, it is a small town.  A definite piece of Americana situated between Pontiac and Flint.  The Church was founded in 1866 – that is a WHOLE lot of history.  I know it started as a lumbering town but today is close enough to Flint and the whole Detroit area that it is just a nice place to live and feel like you are in a small town.

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Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Website is a bit old fashioned but generally up to date.


My first thought as I entered is “Mini-Cathedral”.  As I walked in I was greeting by soaring ceilings and a traditional Pew/altar setup.  Pews on each side of a long aisle leading up to the altar.

The second thing I notice is that the church is not ornate.  Of course this is relative.  But the ceilings do not boast intricate paintings and the altar is very subdued.  I liked it!  Color wise the ceiling is white with designs on the seems and the altar is like an adobe clay orange.  I felt the walls, they are solid, not wood.  And the walls are a very nice styled beige – like rag rolled.  One other item about the side walls – they each had a LARGE stained glass “window” the entire length of the wall – beautiful.

On the altar is a small cross of Christ, maybe 2 feet, that I am sure is carried at the beginning of mass.  There is NO large Cross with Jesus on it – I was a little surprised.  Above the altar on the wall is a stained glass picture of Jesus with his hands out.

Finally, in the back of the church was the bird’s nest where the choir performed.


Good Friends – Father started with how a good friend brought him back to the church when he was at UofM.   These friends are gems.  He then spoke of an Austrian mentor in the Priesthood from Assumption of Grotto (I think???).  This man spoke of time when friends had time to visit other friends on Sundays.  His friend wept at this because our lives have become too busy.  Our priorities have changed.  But they haven’t – we have changed – instead turning to TV, the internet.  Facebook (Father did not say this- I am adding it for dramatic effect)

We have to reset our choices.  Love is our #1 priority.  We have to choose to visit family, friends.  Jesus tells us he will be with us always.  He is here in our church.  Father then encouraged all to take time our of their lives and dedicate 1 hour paying Christ a visit.  Once a week, a couple times a month.  Why?  Because Jesus will speak to us.

Father ended with Jesus’ words:

When you look at me, you know me.

When you look at me, you imitate me.

When you look at me, you follow me.


White Younger middle aged – his voice did not fit his person.  It was a nice voice but one of someone much younger that Father looked.


Choir with the Church Organ accompaniment.  Very traditional music – so much so that there were songs played that I did not recognize.


The church holds roughly 600.  As I said, intimate yet Cathedral like.  I was very comfortable there – and the Church was nearly 100% full.

Member Makeup

The demographic is definitely white with a mix of families and ages.

The Lord’s Prayer

Song holding hands. 

Stations of the Cross

The stations are located on each side of the church.  They are a metal of some type and painted.  They seemed a little worn but this is understandable knowing how old this parish is!



I have to say the church and the people in it.

Final Thoughts

Interesting how Mass ended, no music, no send off in joyous celebration.  There was the healing of the throat after Mass, so the Priests went right into that.  But it was jarring and it felt like Mass did not end properly.  I missed that.

I did like the Church and the mass and homily.  It is always interesting on how Priest attack a homily.  Some ground their homily in historical events and bring that message to modern day.  Others, ignore that all together and just bring a modern day message from the readings.  Still others, create a homily that includes both.  Since “demons” were so prominent in the passage today – especially with Jesus casting them out – I would have like to have heard more about that and our lives today.

All that being said, I enjoyed Father’s message today.  Always important.


One Response to “Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Lapeer, MI”

  1. John C. February 26, 2012 at 11:57 pm #

    If you are looking for suggestions on parishes to vist, may I suggest:

    Our Lady of Czestochowa (Sterling Heights MI): very beautiful building… exterior resembles two mountain peaks (perhaps symbolizing Calvary?) Interior is beautifully decorated, with a side chapel that has a wonderful full wall size marble icon of several saints. All Masses are in Polish, but they do have an English Mass on Saturdays at 5:30 pm.

    Ss Cyril & Methodius (also in Sterling Heights, just a block or so away). Kind of plain on the exterior, but beautifully decorated on the inside. Very sacred. They have the Extraordinary Form of the Mass every Saturday at 6pm… I would recommend that is the Mass to attend.

    St Clement (Center Line MI) very unique looking parish.

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